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Almighty makes delicious drinks using organic produce keeping the next generation in mind. Through our support of Garden to Table we are committed to building a future where all schools can teach students through hands-on time with soil, sun, and plants. We want to see schools using the lifecycle of nutritious food (from garden, to kitchen, to compost, and back again) as the ultimate teaching tool.

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Our role is simple: help Almighty’s non-profit partners provide a garden and food experience for schools.

Time Volunteered:
919 hours

Funds Donated:

We think that investing in children and valuing the communities they live in is the best way for us, as a business, to facilitate long term change. We work closely with our local partners to identify schools where a vegetable garden and an edible education program will have the greatest impact. 10% of Almighty profits go toward Edible Education in schools.

Our practices

What is Garden to Table and why do we do it?

Almighty partners with Garden to Table, a registered charity, that supports schools in taking the learning out of the classroom and into the garden and kitchen. Our tamariki (children) are the next generation and we believe education outside of the classroom can be just as important. Our Edible Education programme fosters a safe space to learn life skills and the importance of nutritional meals and healthy lifestyles.

The children work together to harvest the produce and create a meal that they share together. Garden to Table teaches them to take these skills and the importance of sharing back into their communities in the hopes that one day they use these teachings in their every day lives and give back to those in need.

10% of Almighty profits go toward Edible Education in schools.

Without you we would not be able to contribute as much as we do now. So raise a can of Almighty in cheers to doing your part for our tamariki.

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