Conscious, clean, delicious drinks.

Drinks for people who want healthy alternatives, care about the environment, and want to contribute positively to the next generation.

We want to help create a balanced lifestyle, and support better drinking decisions. That’s why we make healthy, clean alternative beverages, which taste delicious and are made from all natural ingredients. Encouraging a balanced lifestyle and feeling good.

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Flavoured sparkling water drinks and organic juices made by nature for those with a thirst for life. Shop our full range of healthy drinks.

At Almighty we are not just about good drinking habits, but also good lifestyle habits. We believe in the importance of movement and community connection. Almighty can be enjoyed on the go or post-exercise to keep you moving and hydrated. Almighty Recreation is where we will be teaming up with talented people to help create an activity for everyone to enjoy and to crack open an ice cold Almighty afterwards.

Almighty Recreation
Active Lifestyle

Almighty is committed to sustainability, and we take pride in doing our best to be as eco friendly as possible. We've made it our mission to minimise our environmental footprint by designing our products and packaging with the future of our planet in mind. Every component of our brand, from the materials we use to the way we manufacture our products, is carefully considered to help keep our planet clean.

Sustainable packaging
Sustainable packaging

Almighty Sparkling Water is charcoal-filtered and flavoured naturally with the essence of fruit. It's as simple as that. No added sugars or preservatives. Our Almighty Active has 80mg of natural caffeine made from green coffee beans to give you the pick-me-up you need without the crash.

Clean energy
Clean energy